Next classes that start in May or in June. Dropins welcome if we have space. Classes run from a few minutes to an hour or two. Pieces can be picked up next day or mailed for a fee.

 Minimum of 4 students per class session. Contact us through email then sign up for a class. : Class listings are below. No experience necessary for most classes. More than one class per day can be arranged. 

Adults beginner class is #4

What to bring/wear to class (Very Important)

  • All clothing must be cotton
  • Long pants (No shorts will be allowed)
  • Closed-tipped shoes (i.e. tennis shoes)
  • Long-sleeved cotton shirt Optional– no billowy sleeves
  • Hat or headband
  • Sunglasses
  • Long hair should be pulled back securely



  • 1.Child Glassmaking Class  #1: Paperweight:  Ages 5 -11 Experience the heat of the hot furnace, reaching in to gather glass, roll the glass in color, reheat in the glory hole, then place the molten glass into a form to create a beautiful paperweight.  $20

    2.  Kids Glassmaking Class  #2: Hearts: Ages 5 -11  

    Glass Heart Making: In this class you will use the skills as in Class #1 but this time make a pretty glass molded heart.  You will make a small and large heart. $20

    3.Kids Mold Making Floral or Fish Paperweight

    Experience the heat of the hot furnace (2200 degrees), gather hot glass, learn to marver the glass, re-gather more glass, roll in  frit (color), reheat and place into a mold to form the flower.$20 


    4. Glass Sculpturing 1: Learning to center the glass and have more control. Experience the heat of the furnace (2200 degrees), gather hot glass, marver(shape) the glass, gather glass again, then stretch, shape and pull the glass as instructed to form 1 or more  glass flower sculptures. $35.00

    5.Glass Sculpturing 2/Colored glass     Ages 13+ 

    Class as above using colored glass.  flower sculptures    (must have taken the previous class)

    $45 per person

    Beginner Classes    Teens/Adults    Much more difficult:

    6. Free form Paperweight Making 1 :  Pre requisite previous sculpting  classes #4 and #5:(Working by yourself with instructor) An introduction to techniques and skills such as gathering, centering, jacking, blocking, and marvering along with instruction in  proper shop etiquette and use of tools.

    Experience the heat of the furnace (2200 degrees), gathering molton glass, learn to marver (shape) the glass, then form the glass into a ball at the end of the stainless steel rod to form your own paperweight.

    • An introduction to glassblowing machines, tools of the trade and proper shop etiquette
    • Create and keep your paperweight: (results may vary)

    $45 per student

    7.Paperweight Making 2: 1 + hrs

    As above using color  $80 for paperweights

    Prerequisites for the Glassblowing Class **

    You must be able to complete the following tasks before taking the Glassblowing I Class. These skills may be acquired in  Beginner #1 and #1 Paperweight Classes.

    8.1/2 Day Class: 4 1/2 hours (Approximately)  Do Sculpture 1 and 2 and Paperweights 1 and 2 classes with the instructor. Spend 4 1/2 hours working on the above named classes learning how to prepare for actual glassblowing. 1-2 students per session. $225.00 Times and days to be arranged.


    9.Glassblowing 1: Pre-requisite Glassblowing Paperweights

    Blow glass on your own with assistance. Continuing as above but learning to blow and shape the bubble to the right point to create your own piece. 


    10. Glassblowing2: More work in the studio working on the skills learned to create your choice of glass objects. $50 per hour. To be arranged.

    11. Private lessons: Additional instruction in particular skills . Arrange.