Spirit Balls originated in England and were/are hung at the entrance of a building to keep the bad spirits away. The ball of reflecting light was said to entice and capture the bad spirit thus preventing it from entering. $30-$35

Each kaleidoscope is handmade at the Studio. We use the highest quality mirror so you see a crisp beautiful image every time. Specific colors for the body can also be ordered. Kaleidoscopes moves fast order early .  These are loved by young and old. 

Just an example of some of the work we make. We can custom make just about anything you'd like. (Colors or shapes.) FOR MORE INFORMATION ON ANY GLASS ITEMS OR OTHERS EMAIL SUEOULU1@YAHOO.COM

Ornaments  3"-9" dia:$12-$65Hummingbird Feeders $35 (your colors)Goblets $35+ each Your choice of colors.

Goblets with fancy stems $75- $98 each



Lamps with glass caps to match $350 and up. Custom colors  and shapes always available. We can work with you on a design of your choice.           

                  Table Lamp  

 Memory Urns $40--$550 

depending on size + shipping costs


  1. Bird in a Ball $30 + shipping


                                         Select Your Colors:                                 Long stemmed Glass Flowers Xtra Jumbo Large: 11"-12" Diameter Head by 24"-24" long stem $150 + shipping 

        Smaller Flowers  3"-4"  Diameter with 9"-12" Stem$25 + shipping     Medium flowers  4"-6" Diameter with 12"-14" stem $55 + shipping   One of a Kind Glass/Metal Sculpture is approximately 7' tall. It is shown as a Torche Lamp but could also be used as an outdoor sculpture without the light. $10,000.00 + shipping and insurance